Mrs. Bird’s Writing Links


New Math Practice Activities for Each Group

Group 1Mrs. McMillan

Mrs. Siemans

Group 2Mr.Yarnton Group 3Mrs. Agecoutay-Sweet Group 4Mrs. Bird Challenges
Balancing, Adding and Subitizing Place Value to the 100 Comparing Numbers Missing Number Math Apprentice
Balancing Equasions Guess the number Numbers are everywhere Compare numbers
Base 10 Ten Frames Bargain Hunt Adding Game Place value with decimals
Matching Dice Totals Grouping by 5 Number Families Estimate sums and differences
Subitizing Video Balancing Math at the mall
Decomposing Numbers Base 10 Addition Multiplication Games
Number Patterns Mrs. Bird’s recommendation
Subitizing Practice
 Vector Kids
Ten Frames  Learn Alberta
Five Frame


Balancing, Adding and Subitizing Subitizing, Adding and Balancing N2.1- I can demonstrate an understanding of whole numbers to 100 N3.1 I can demonstrate and understanding of whole numbers to 1000 Other
IXL balancing, adding and subitizing Base 10 Place Value Models Place value Matching Dice Totals Counting on Making numbers to 1000 Subitizing Video Adding Doubles Reading and Understanding Large numbers and words
Balancing Equations Missing Numbers Before and After